NBA PLAYER RANKINGS: Best & Worst of the NBA Season So Far

Congratulations NBA fans, we have made it through the first quarter of the 2020-21 NBA season WITHOUT IT GETTING SHUT DOWN!

Well, I guess we shouldn’t jump ahead of ourselves. Players are in and out of the line-ups daily. Games are getting postponed left and right. Fantasy basketball teams have gone up in flames (in case you’re wondering why you haven’t seen much of Gabe Lloyd’s FAVES and FADES picks for basketball). Nonetheless, we have seen some players rise above and SHINE, and others fall apart. Without further ado, here are my best and worst of the NBA Player Rankings in the 2020-21 NBA season so far!

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BEST – Collin Sexton

There is a new phenomenon taking over the state the Ohio. They are missing their King no more.

Cleveland has now been renamed SEXLAND (and it is not because Pornhub moved their HQ out there).

It is largely in part because of one man – Collin Sexton. Now look, I’ll be honest, I’ve watched a grand total of one Cavaliers game this season, but that was enough for me. This man single-handedly decapitated the three-headed monster from Brooklyn AND the referees in an incredible performance last week.

Sexton has done something LeBron James never got to accomplish in Cleveland – score 20 points in each of his first 10 games this season. This guy is bound to be an All-Star, bound to be on some All-NBA teams, and if the Cleveland Cavaliers can build around him, dare I say leading this team during the PLAYOFFS?! Yeah, I said it. And if I am a Cavs fan, I am relishing in some delayed gratification because it appears that they have won the Kyrie trade too.

WORST – Russell Westbrook

We’ve all heard about the new Commander-in-Chief at the White House, but did you hear about the new Tank Commander leading the Washington Wizards?

Allow me to introduce you to the man meant to sell the idea of the Wizards being a playoff team. A man who alongside Bradley Beal would make a lethal scoring back-court duo and not force Scott Brooks to come up with line-ups or set plays (because that is not what he signed up for, apparently). Russell EASTbrook should be reveling in a renaissance just like Bubble Melo did last season. He had me fooled. Admit it, he fooled you too.

Unfortunately, the Russell EASTbrook campaign has served as nothing more than just another cautionary tale in the NBA. We are sitting courtside and bearing witness to what happens when a player relies on his athleticism, explosiveness, AND NOTHING ELSE. But, what happens when FATHER TIME and injuries come knocking and you have not developed anything else in your game? Russ cannot shoot, handle the ball, drive to the basket, or even beat his man nowadays. The Washington Wizards may as well hit up the league offices, offer to forfeit games, let their new tanking commander do his thing, and FADE FOR CADE!

P.S. – Bradley Beal if you are reading, GET OUT OF WASHINGTON ASAP!

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