NBA teams as Disney rides and attractions

The NBA is going to Disney Wooooorld!

So, I decided to describe NBA teams as Disney World rides/attractions, here’s what I’ve got so far:

New York Knicks – Tower of Terror

Yeah, I know the Knicks are not playing in Orlando. I also know that being a Knicks fan is basically like living in the Twilight Zone – frozen in time, abandoned, and constantly seeing the darkest corners of your imagination come to life.

Oklahoma Thunder – Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Who said trading away Russell Westbrook would leave the Thunder stuck in a rebuild? This team is still a gold mine and can become a real big obstacle on the rickety track to NBA Finals. The Clutch Conductor (CP3) and the Locomotive driver (SGA) have led OKC to 16 games over .500 with a chance to get to the 4th seed in the WC.

Milwaukee Bucks – Soarin’

The Bucks are soarin’ high, sitting comfortably at 6.5 games ahead of the Raptors at the top of the Eastern Conference thanks to world wonder and potential back-to-back MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo

LA Lakers – Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster

This was one was easy. Hollywood. Iconic, Legendary players in LeBron & AD. LA traffic. A chance to see J.R. Smith topless stumblin’ around chugging Hennessy at a championship parade.

Toronto Raptors – DINOSAUR

Well, what else did you expect here? Will Toronto be able to travel back in time, kidnap Kawhi Leonard and bring him back to the present as a Raptor for their repeat bid? No. Their top 7 players may have been in/out of the rotation with injuries, but they are healthy now and ready to defend their title against anything – 21 NBA teams, fiery meteors, COVID-19.

Got any suggestions for NBA teams as Disney rides and attractions?

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NBA Playoffs scenarios that could shake up the Finals

With less than two weeks away, the NBA playoffs will kick-off on April 14th. While some teams may have clinched the playoffs, the final seeding is yet to be determined for a few. The Rockets have dominated all season and will most likely clinch home court for the entire playoffs while they finish with the league’s best record this season. The Eastern Conference will see a new one seed as the Toronto Raptors should they hold on for the final five games. The Boston Celtics are currently in the rear-view mirror only two games behind in second place.

As always match-ups are key in the playoffs and this year injuries to Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry that are shaping up to keep them out at least through the first-round can create some unexpected surprises. Unless these two All-Star guards make a first-round debut the NBA could potentially avoid a fourth year of Cleveland vs Golden State in June. Here are a few scenarios that can contribute to a few “upsets”.

(2) Golden State Warriors vs (7) Minnesota Timberwolves

What is intriguing about this match-up is that Jimmy Butler is nearing his return to the Wolves and will be an instant boost as their go-to scorer. These two teams played each other three times in the regular season. The Warriors took the series 2-1. Now, the playoffs are a completely different beast but it should be noted that in the one lone Wolves victory Stephen Curry did not play (Butler as well). The Warriors fell 109-103 in Minnesota on March 11th. Kevin Durant will still lead me to choose the Warriors in this potential series but without Curry, the dynamics change and the Wolves have one less All-Star to defend. Hard to believe the Warriors could be knocked out in the first-round but definitely a match-up the Warriors should hope to avoid. Karl Anthony-Towns is averaging 26 points per game and 12 rebounds per game vs Golden State this season and much of Golden State’s defensive responsibility will need to come from Draymond Green or Zaza Pachulia to counter the big man. A slower pace and defense gritty series from a Tom Thibideau led team is potential for this upset.

(2) Golden State Warriors vs (7) San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs are currently holding down the fifth spot in the Western Conference by only one game. With a couple of losses and Oklahoma City or Minnesota wins the seeding in the West can change drastically overnight. Again, with Curry out in the first-round teams have to be licking their chops to potentially upset the super team. Here is my bold guarantee. Should the Spurs finish in the 7th seed Kawhi Leonard will make a stirring return to the line-up. Remember last year’s Western Conference Finals? The redemption for the Spurs to play the Warriors down an All-Star will ironically gain back their own injured All-Star. Obviously, the Curry injury stirs the pot and one of the only reasons that would contribute to the Warriors falling short of a title this year. As I like to call it, a window of opportunity.

(2) Boston Celtics vs (3) Philadelphia 76ers

What needs to happen is for Cleveland to fall to the fourth spot and the 76ers taking the third seed first. Let’s all assume the top seeds win out in their first-round match-ups. The Sixers will face a Celtics team that potentially may or may not have a healthy Kyrie Irving. With his absence almost guaranteed in the first-round and no word yet on a minutes restriction, this opens the idea of the 76ers definitely seeing their way to the Eastern Conference Finals. Let’s Trust the Process here, shall we? Joel Embiid comes back and this Philly team feels the magic of the Eagles and Villanova Wildcats. Without Kyrie, the Celtics are a well-oiled machine but also missing Marcus Smart. The expectation for rookie Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Tony Rozier to step-up and combat Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz will be key. Of course, the taste of success the young Celtics have from last season gives them an edge over the playoff virgins in Philly. Speaking of Cleveland, I’m sure Lebron James wouldn’t mind quieting “We the North” and send the Raptors packing in the second-round as a first seed.

(3) Philadelphia 76ers vs (4) Cleveland Cavaliers

Coming off the previous scenario, here is your Eastern Conference Finals. Trust the Process vs LeBron and company. Would this be the final time James wears a Cleveland jersey in his prime but also end his 7-year run in the NBA Finals? This one is pretty wild and would require a lot of stipulations prior. However, if the Sixers can take on the third seed it gives them the best chances of reaching this far and potentially sending the Cavaliers home a little earlier than in June. The Cavs hold a 2-1 series lead this season over the Sixers and one more match-up on April 6th. Last time the two teams met Kevin Love was not in the line-up. The Cavaliers could determine the faith of their seeding and disrupt the potential path of the 76ers facing a limited Boston team in the second round. Let’s for a second imagine a 76ers and Rockets Finals.


Chevall Kanhai
Baseline Times Contributor

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NBA Trade Deadline Updates

The NBA trade deadline is today, February 8th. Stay in the loop of player movements as the 3 PM EST deadline looms.

February 8th, 2018

Per Shams Charania from Yahoo! Sports:

The Detroit Pistons are acquiring point guard Jameer Nelson from the Chicago Bulls for center Willie Reed, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

The teams are also swapping second-round picks in 2022 as part of the deal, league sources said.


February 5, 2018

The Brooklyn Nets traded Tyler Zeller to the Milwaukee Bucks for Rashad Vaughn and a 2018 2nd round draft pick. (MIL will send 2018 second-round pick to BKN if it falls from 31-to-47. Otherwise, MIL will send an unprotected 2020 second-round pick.)

February 1, 2018

The Chicago Bulls traded Nikola Mirotic and a 2018 2nd round draft pick to the New Orleans Pelicans for Tony Allen, Omer Asik, Jameer Nelson and a 2018 1st round draft pick. (First-round pick from NOP to CHI is top-five protected in 2018, top-eight protected in 2019, top-ten protected in 2020, top-nine protected in 2021, and if it still has not been conveyed to CHI in 2021, it becomes a second-round pick in each 2022 and 2023

January 29th, 2018

The Los Angeles Clippers traded Blake Griffin, Brice Johnson and Willie Reed to the Detroit Pistons for Avery Bradley, Tobias Harris, Boban Marjanovic, a 2018 1st round draft pick and a 2019 2nd round draft pick. (First round pick from DET to LAC is top-four protected from 2018-2020 and unprotected in 2021)

Blake Griffin traded from Clippers to Pistons in a blockbuster deal

The LA Clippers have agreed to trade All-Star forward Blake Griffin to the Detroit Pistons, league sources tell ESPN.

Last summer on July 1, Griffin reached an agreement on a five-year, $171 million deal with the Clippers. Griffin did not get a no-trade clause as part of the new contract. The injury-prone All-Star Forward missed 21 games in 2017 and 47 in 2016.

The Clippers will receive Tobias Harris, Avery Bradley, Boban Marjanovic, and a first-round and second-round draft pick, per sources.

Shoot or Pass Podcast – Episode 5: Cavs Struggles, Kidd Fired, and All-Star Reserves

Chevall and DeMario are back to talk about the Cleveland Cavaliers most recent struggles and scapegoat of Kevin Love. The duo dive into the Warriors and Rockets potential to come out the West. Also, tune in to see if they agree with the Jason Kidd firing. All-Star reserves are discussed and do we agree? Listen now! (NSFW Language)

Struggling Cavaliers host and Warriors for regular season last rematch

The day of celebration for Martin Luther King Jr. is becoming a familiar affair for the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. The NBA has chosen the designated holiday for the second rematch of the season for the two finalists from last June. The last time these two teams met was in Golden State on Christmas day where Kevin Durant’s defense (or fouls per the NBA), helped lead the Warriors to a 99-92 victory. Stephen Curry did not play due to an ankle injury and Isaiah Thomas was still recovering from his hip injury.

A new year and a new look at the rivalry will continue tonight on TNT, 8 PM EST. With both teams geared up with their full healthy roster, besides Derrick Rose for Cleveland, the expectation for a playoff or Finals atmosphere will bring excitement to the primetime game. What would a loss do to a team like Cleveland right now?

The Cavaliers have lost three straight games and currently 3-7 in their last 10 games. Also included in the last three games is a common trend of allowing 125 points per game. The January blues continues as we remembered January of 2017. The famous “needing more playmakers” comment from LeBron James sent a frenzy throughout the media. The Cavaliers struggled to beat the Warriors in the 2017 MLK showdown in a 126-91 route.

Coming off a Friday loss in Indiana where they led by 22-points there has to be some concern for the Cavaliers. Another route on MLK Monday could mentally strain the Cavs however, even last year the Cavaliers finished the season 10-14 in March and April. They would then go 12-1 prior to the Finals where they met the Warriors and went down 3-0 quickly.

With most of Cleveland’s veterans at least 30 or older they could be more reluctant to go full speed in the middle of January. The average age of the James, Derrick Rose Dwyane Wade, Kevin Love, Kyle Korver, and J.R. Smith amounts to 32 years old. While the NBA schedule was rebuilt to accommodate more rest, father time still can have its effects on the 82-game season.

On the Golden State front, it’s all the upper hand and confidence that they are the team to beat in the NBA. The defending champs are currently 8-2 in their last 10 games. They have defeated the Rockets without James Harden in that mix. The Warriors are currently on game three tonight of a five-game road trip. They will end at Houston on January 20th where they can see both Chris Paul and Harden this time. A loss to the Cavaliers tonight wouldn’t necessarily put a dent in the Warriors but to route, a struggling Cleveland team yet again could solidify that James and company have a lot of ground to make up.