Celtics finalize trade sending No. 1 pick to 76ers

The Boston Celtics have announced the trade as official with a press release today. The Celtics will be trading away the No. 1 pick in Thursday’s NBA Draft to the Philadelphia 76ers. In return the Celtics will receive a “favorably-protected rights to a future first round pick.” The Sixers are expected to draft Markelle Fultz out of Washington.

Per the press release:

The future first round pick will be the Los Angeles Lakers’ 2018 pick if it’s within the No. 2 to No. 5 range of the 2018 draft. If it is not, the Celtics will instead receive either Sacramento’s or Philadelphia’s first round pick in 2019, whichever is more favorable. However, if either of those 2019 picks result in the first overall selection, Boston will instead receive the other first round pick.

This past weekend, Markelle Fultz worked out for the 76ers in Philadelphia. Fultz has completed his workout with the Sixers team management and a few familiar faces in Philly. As pictured below Joel Embiid joined in on the excitement of the trade talks by posting the photos below. The trade is pending official league approval which should come as early as Monday.

The Celtics will receive at least one additional first-round pick in the deal. Sources say Philadelphia, on top of its No. 3 overall pick, is sending the 2018 first-round ‎pick it owns via the Los Angeles Lakers, which the Sixers acquired from Phoenix at the 2015 trade deadline.

Source: Boston Celtics