Grizzlies take data to the Spurs

How does paying a $30K fine and a playoff victory after the fact of the fine sound?

Memphis made a statement in game three they came out with a fire and did not let the their playoff hopes get snuffed in the wake of the Spurs playoff ambitions .The hometown underdogs pulled out a win thanks to Marc Gasol and making a reutrn to the starting line-up,  Zach Randolph. Memphis certainly ignited by David Fizdale’s defense of them,, shot over 50% from the field and 40% from three. Oh by the way, Kawhi Leonard only shot four free-throws this game in which he was perfect from the line. Memphis showed their normal grind and grit play in a total team effort with no true superstar.

Thanks to Coach Fizdale the Grizzlies now have a cool slogan in “take that for data”. The crowd stood behind him during the pregame and the energy could be felt as the Grizzlies pushed their lead to 22 points in the second half. Mike Conley Jr lead Grizzlies in scoring with 24 points alongside a team high 8 assists.

The Grizzlies have defended home court and will attempt to do so again Saturday night in Memphis. Game four is set for an 8:00 PM EST tip-off.

Jason Tyson
Baseline Times Staff Writer