Myles Garrett not heading to Philly for this year’s NFL Draft

Myles Garrett, the coveted defensive end out of Texas A & M, won’t be heading to Philadelphia on Draft Night, choosing to stay at home in Arlington with his family and friends.  Garrett follows the trend of NFL draftees choosing to stay home instead of going to the festivities to be held on Draft Night in Philadelphia.  This leaves whomever the San Francisco 49ers select as the second pick to be the first player to shake hands with the Commish.  Former number one overall selection, Jameis Winston, who was selected by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 2015 NFL Draft, also chose to stay home with his family in Alabama.  In that same year, the number two overall selection, Marcus Mariotta, who was selected by the Tennessee Titans, also stayed home with family in his home state of Hawaii.

While Garrett seems to be a shoe-in as the number one overall pick, other athletes who have anticipated becoming the coveted first overall selection, have seen their share of embarrassment on Draft Night.  Geno Smith attended the draft in 2013 with high hopes of being the first to walk the stage and grab his #1 jersey, however, his draft stock fell sharply, and left him waiting around the table awkwardly until the 39th pick, landing him with the New York Jets.  This won’t be the case with Garrett, although any number of teams would celebrate him falling in their lap.

Garrett is widely projected to end up with the Cleveland Browns, however, as of 24 hours prior to the 2017 NFL Draft, sources were still reporting that the Browns may choose North Carolina Tar Heel Quarterback, Mitchell Trubisky at the first pick.  We are speaking about the Cleveland Browns though, and almost anything goes in unpredictable Cleveland.  If Cleveland were to go rogue and select Trubisky over Garrett, this could send the first round of the draft into a tailspin, or at the very least make one team extremely happy by leaving Garrett on the board.

Garrett comes from a family of athletes.  His older brother, Sean Williams, who played collegiate basketball with Boston College, went on to play in the NBA.  His older sister, Brea, was a track and field athlete with Texas A & M, is the current NCAA champion in the weight throw category.  Garrett himself, was also a track and field athlete in his high school years.

Myles Garrett’s collegiate career with Texas A & M has earned him a lot of respect and has earned him his spot on top of most analysts’ draft boards.  In just his Freshman year, Garrett broke South Carolina’s monster DL/DE, Jadeveon Clowney’s 8 sack record in his first 9 games.  He improved on his 11.5 sacks of his Freshman year by gathering 12 sacks as a Sophomore.  During his Junior, and final, season with Texas A & M, Garrett had limited duty after suffering a high ankle sprain early in the season.  His limited, but effective work, along with his remarkable Freshman and Sophomore seasons, left Garrett a Unanimous Consensus All American.

Garrett declared his intention to enter this year’s draft on New Year’s Eve of 2016.

Ed Coleman
Baseline Times Staff Writer

Ed will be keeping us posted on the Jacksonville Jaguars and Florida State Seminoles throughout the upcoming 2017 football season.