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NBA City Edition Jerseys – Top 5 Rankings

What is a sign that we are ONE STEP CLOSER to the 2020-21 NBA season? New NBA City Edition Jerseys getting dropped by all 30 NBA teams just in time for the holidays!

Let’s be real. I’m no “fashionista”. I have been living in PJ’s since early March and it looks like I will be doing so for a while longer. But, there are no rules in 2020. Who is to say I can’t sleep and work from home in a HEAT ViceVersa jersey?

Here are my Top 5 NBA City Edition Jerseys ranked:


First, we have the Chicago Bulls City Edition jerseys. I am HERE for the vibe with these jerseys! They appear to be right off the set of The Great Gatsby or even Boardwalk Empire. Can you imagine Al Capone strutting around in one of these back in the “Roaring 20s”? I think he would approve.


These jerseys are cool because they feature Oregon’s beautiful landscape. To add, the colors on them honor the tribal nations that have been calling the area home forever. Looking forward to seeing how Dame D.O.L.L.A. styles it on the cover of his next album.


Well, I guess if Michael Jordan is going to splurge on aging vets prone to injury, he might as well do the same for his team’s jerseys, right? Nevertheless, I do like the mint color with the gold black trimmings and the gold hornets on these Buzz City jerseys. They probably won’t make the playoffs, but at least they will look good on the court!


Undoubtedly so, we CANNOT let the conversations around social injustice against the black community die. What better way to keep it alive than with a jersey honoring a Civil Rights leader front and center? (FYI – Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Atlanta, Georgia). For this reason, I must say the Hawks nailed it here!


Did a bit of “homer” bias play into this pick? Sure. However, there is no denying the HEAT just can’t miss with any of their Vice designs. The colors, the presentation, and the typeface blend the team and its ties to the city of Miami so perfectly. Also worth noting, these jerseys would be perfect to wear at a gender reveal parties (though this trend needs to die already). I remember the first Vice Wave drop like it was just yesterday with the 90s vibe, neon lights, and of course – the sounds of Lights, Camera, Action by Mr. Cheeks. Santa, if you are reading this…

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