NBA Draft 2020: Cody’s Big Board

It’s officially DRAFT DAY!

Which means it’s time for my official 2020 NBA Draft Big Board!

Each player (50 in total) has been scouted on a scale of 0-100 based on key attributes from scoring ability to defense as well as size, potential, and personality. (I also included my 2K rating because I want that gig!)

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  1. LaMelo Ball, Guard (Illawarra Hawks via United States)
    Age: 18 Height: 6’7 Wingspan: 6’10 Weight: 190
    Strength: Outstanding playmaker who could lead the NBA in assists one day. Streaky scorer who can light it up when hot, but must improve consistency.
    Question Marks: Unknown on defense, must improve if he expects to guard fellow PGs in the league. Still not proven against top notch competition which may make first few months in the NBA difficult.
    Player Comparison: A better scoring Jason Williams if he develops as a point guard.
    Grade: 90 (2K Rating: 77)
  2. James Wiseman, Center (Memphis – Freshman)
    Age: 18 Height: 7’1 Wingspan: 7’6 Weight: 235
    Strength: Great shot blocker due to massive wingspan and low post IQ. Tremendous athlete who will provide some big plays underneath the basket. Shows promise to develop into very good low post as well as mid-range scorer.
    Question Marks: Still not seen much of Wiseman, so not sure how he’ll adapt to the NBA pace as at times he struggled to keep up in his few games at Memphis. As good as a shot blocker as he it, he struggles one on one defensively.
    Player Comparison: DeAndre Jordan due to his athletic ability and defense. More-so Chris Bosh in terms of offensive game.
    Grade: 89 (2K Rating: 77)
  3. Onyeka Okongwu, Center (USC – Freshman)
    Age: 19 Height: 6’9 Wingspan: 7’1 Weight: 245
    Strength: Explosive big man who is already a tremendous two-way player. High energy center with outstanding interior scoring ability. NBA ready today.
    Question Marks: Will be a bit undersized as a NBA center, but lacks the outside shooting ability to be a PF in today’s NBA. Will need to put on some more size or develop a better mid-range or outside shot to secure his place as a consistent NBA starter.
    Player Comparison: Bam Adebayo
    Grade: 88 (2K Rating: 75)
  4. Anthony Edwards, Guard (Georgia – Freshman)
    Age: 18 Height: 6’5 Wingspan: 6’8 Weight: 215
    Strength: Explosive with very good strength on his drives to the basket. Has the athleticism to make the difficult shots look easy especially off the dribble.
    Question Marks: There’s flashes of greatness, but Edwards is also very inconsistent especially as a projected top five pick. Still questions about his defense, pure shooting ability, and mentality to win.
    Player Comparison: Victor Oladipo at his best.
    Grade: 88 (2K Rating: 77)
  5. Devin Vassell, Guard (Florida State – Sophomore)
    Age: 19 Height: 6’7 Wingspan: 6’10 Weight: 194
    Strength: Elite defender out of college who will likely chase multiple Defensive Player of the Year awards down the line. Solid spot up shooter with potential to be much more than just a “three-and-D” type of player.
    Question Marks: Lacks a true position as he’s undersized to play the three, but not a dynamic scorer making it difficult to play as a true shooting guard. Still needs to tighten up a bit as a ball handler.
    Player Comparison: Robert Covington with potential to develop into more of a Khris Middleton.
  6. Grade: 86 (2K Rating: 74)
  7. Obi Toppin, Forward (Dayton – Sophomore)
    Age: 22 Height: 6’9 Wingspan: 6’11 Weight: 220
    Strength: Great scorer. Likely to help a team offensively immediately. If drafted into the proper situation, can lead a team in scoring as soon late this season. Underrated as a playmaker as well and could develop into a solid point-forward down the line. If 18 or 19-years-old, would likely be the top pick.
    Question Marks: Not very well rounded. Doesn’t have near the aggressiveness on defense or rebounding as he does on offense. Struggles against good athletes one-on-one.
    Player Comparison: A prime Blake Griffin or Amar’e Stoudemire.
    Grade: 86 (2K Rating: 78)
  8. Deni Avdija, Guard (Maccabi Tel Aviv via Israel)
    Age: 19 Height: 6’9 Wingspan: 6’9 Weight: 215
    Strength: Great playmaking forward who can score at the basket very well. Also a terrific defender and has very good intangibles including his pump fakes and creating contact on layups.
    Question Marks: Lacks athleticism which will hurt him on both offense and defense. Also is very inconstant shooting especially from outside.
    Player Comparison: Danilo Gallinari with better playmaking and worse shooting.
    Grade: 85 (2K Rating: 76)
  9. Killian Hayes, Guard (Ulm via France)
    Age: 18 Height: 6’5 Wingspan: 6’8 Weight: 215
    Strength: Maybe the best pure point guard in the draft. Great on the pick-and-roll and has excellent touch with his passes and shots. Off the ball, Hayes is a solid catch-and-shoot skillset and is an underrated defender.
    Question Marks: Doesn’t have the best handles and won’t make many too many plays one-on-one. Still left-hand dominant and lacks the athletic ability to play through contact against bigger defenders.
    Player Comparison: Manu Ginobili
    Grade: 85 (2K Rating: 75)
  10. Tyrell Terry, Guard (Stanford – Freshman)
    Age: 19 Height: 6’2 Wingspan: 6’4 Weight: 175
    Strength: Elite shooting ability who can score on the catch-and-shoot or off the dribble. Reminds me of Rip Hamilton with his off the ball movement finding his spot to find his shot. Very competitive defender who will likely develop even further as a defender in a couple years.
    Question Marks: Undersized as a shoot guard and lacks the playmaking ability to be a pure point guard. May struggle early to defend larger guards.
    Player Comparison: C.J. McCollum
    Grade: 85 (2K Rating: 74)
  11. Tyrese Haliburton, Guard (Iowa State – Sophomore)
    Age: 20 Height: 6’5 Wingspan: 6’8 Weight: 175
    Strength: High basketball IQ with great playmaking ability. Can make some great plays especially in transition. Has a very good spot-up shot as well with deep range. Haliburton, similar to Tobbin, would be a top five pick if a bit younger.
    Question Marks: Not a great athlete and lacks the ability to create at the rim. Many questions remain as a defender especially in one-on-one situations.
    Player Comparison: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
    Grade: 83 (2K Rating: 75)
  12. Isaac Okoro, Forward (Auburn – Freshman)
    Age: 19 Height: 6’6 Wingspan: 6’9 Weight: 225
    Strength: Versatile defender who can finish at the rim on offense. Okoro is well rounded with a high basketball IQ.
    Question Marks: Not a great shooter and doesn’t have the best handles especially once he faces a talented NBA defender. Questions about his quickness and true athletic ability may harm him in the NBA.
    Player Comparison: Justise Winslow
    Grade: 82 (2K Rating: 72)
  13. Cole Anthony, Guard (North Carolina – Freshman)
    Age: 20 Height: 6’3 Wingspan: 6’4 Weight: 190
    Strength: Very good scorer who can score from everywhere. A great shooter from both long range and mid-range with the ability to finish with both hands at the rim. Underrated one-on-one defender who is also dangerous in the passing lanes.
    Question Marks: Not a pure playmaker and struggled to get North Carolina into their offensive sets at times. Questions about his shot selection remain as well.
    Player Comparison: Austin Rivers, but ceiling could be more like a Kemba Walker or Trae Young.
    Grade: 82 (2K Rating: 74)
  14. Tyrese Maxey, Guard (Kentucky – Freshman)
    Age: 19 Height: 6’3 Wingspan: 6’6 Weight: 198
    Strength: Great scorer with the ability to create his own shot. Also a very good on-the-ball defender who is outstanding at getting steals and breaking out in transition.
    Question Marks: Forces his shot at times. Will need to improve his shot selection and his handles to be a consistent scorer in the NBA. Lackluster playmaking ability will lead to him not playing much PG in the league.
    Player Comparison: Kyle Lowry
    Grade: 82 (2K Rating: 75)
  15. Patrick Williams, Forward (Florida State – Freshman)
    Age: 18 Height: 6’8 Wingspan: 6’11 Weight: 225
    Strength: Great athlete who is high energy and can make players everywhere on defense. Great scorer at the rim who is still developing the scoring ability off the dribble. Maybe the most potential in the draft.
    Question Marks: Awkward shooting form leading to a low percentage outside shot. A bit turnover prone who struggles against top tier defenders.
    Player Comparison: Rudy Gay
    Grade: 82 (2K Rating: 73)
  16. Saddiq Bey, Forward (Villanova – Sophomore)
    Age: 21 Height: 6’8 Wingspan: 6’10 Weight: 215
    Strength: The ideal 3-and-D player with potential to earn a starting role down the line with the ability to play multiple positions. Very high basketball IQ as with most Villanova pros.
    Question Marks: Not the best off the dribble and struggles to create his own shot. Lacks the explosive ability to make plays at the basket.
    Player Comparison: Jae Crowder
    Grade: 81 (2K Rating: 72)
  17. Jalen Smith, Center (Maryland – Sophomore)
    Age: 20 Height: 6’10 Wingspan: 7’1 Weight: 225
    Strength: Great offensive player especially as a face-up big man. Great off the pick-and-roll or pick-and-pop. Finishes well at the rim and has a very high motor.
    Question Marks: Struggles defensively against strong, low post players and quick, stretch forwards. For all he brings on offense, Smith will be a liability on defense for at least his first year in the league.
    Player Comparison: Kelly Olynyk
    Grade: 81 (2K Rating: 74)
  18. Aleksej Pokusevski, Center (Olympiacos B via Serbia)
    Age: 18 Height: 7’0 Wingspan: 7’3 Weight: 201
    Strength: Well-rounded offensively with a great shot from the outside. Can space out the floor and use his size to jump-start possessions. Very high potential as he gets more floor time.
    Question Marks: He’s a skinny big man who will have to put on some size regardless of how he plays. Very inconsistent on defense and as a rebounder. Scoring ability may not translate to the NBA.
    Player Comparison: Dragan Bender
    Grade: 80 (2K Rating: 72)
  19. Kira Lewis Jr., Guard (Alabama – Sophomore)
    Age: 19 Height: 6’3 Wingspan: 6’6 Weight: 165
    Strength: Pick-and-roll specialist who can score well off the dribble with explosiveness at the rim. Has superb athleticism which helps him on both sides of the ball.
    Question Marks: Will need to improve his playmaking and outside shot to contend for a starting spot in the NBA. Very undersized as a shooting guard.
    Player Comparison: Darius Garland
    Grade: 79 (2K Rating: 74)
  20. Desmond Bane, Guard (TCU – Senior)
    Age: 21 Height: 6’6 Wingspan: 6’5 Weight: 215
    Strength: Dangerous shooter with high basketball IQ. Excels at the “little things” which will lead to Bane being a consistent rotation player in the NBA.
    Question Marks: Will struggle to find a true position, but his versatility will help that not be a major issue. Not the most explosive and is on the shorter-side of most players with a similar frame.
    Player Comparison: Malcolm Brogdon
    Grade: 78 (2K Rating: 71)
  21. Precious Achiuwa, Forward (Memphis – Freshman)
    Age: 20 Height: 6’9 Wingspan: 7’2 Weight: 225
    Strength: Rim-runner who is sensational in the pick-and-roll. While he’ll make some highlight plays on offense, he’ll be most useful on defense with his impressive physical frame and explosiveness.
    Question Marks: Very poor shooter and shows no signs of it improving with time. Also is a bit turnover prone with the basketball. Still very much in development.
    Player Comparison: Montrezl Harrell
    Grade: 78 (2K Rating: 72)
  22. Aaron Nesmith, Guard (Vanderbilt – Sophomore)
    Age: 20 Height: 6’6 Wingspan: 6’10 Weight: 213
    Strength: One of the best long-range shooters in the draft. Can known down the long ball either as a catch-and-shoot player or off the dribble. Also has a nice side step and step-back. High basketball IQ including on defense.
    Question Marks: Outside his jump shot, Nesmith struggles to finish at the rim and at times, has trouble getting his shot off against tight defense. Not the best playmaker when running the point.
    Player Comparison: Danny Green
    Grade: 77 (2K Rating: 73)
  23. Nico Mannion, Guard (Arizona – Freshman)
    Age: 19 Height: 6’3 Wingspan: 6’2 Weight: 190
    Strength: Pure scorer with good outside shot and finishing ability at the rim. Smooth mid-rang game as well including a very sweet floater. Very good playmaker especially out in the open floor in transition.
    Question Marks: Not great defensively and may struggle to adapt to the NBA game due to physical limitations. Shot can become streaky at times. Very hot and cold at Arizona.
    Player Comparison: Landry Shamet
    Grade: 77 (2K Rating: 71)
  24. R.J. Hampton, Guard (New Zealand Breakers via United States)
    Age: 19 Height: 6’5 Wingspan: 6’7 Weight: 188
    Strength: Dynamic athlete with turbo-boost quickness. Very fundamentally sound and has the potential to become an outstanding playmaker. Will also likely develop into a very good defender down the road.
    Question Marks: Bad jumpshot that’s not developed over the last few years. Smaller frame will make it difficult to convert at the rim and is under 70% at the free throw line. Raw potential, but still a couple years very being a consistent player in the NBA.
    Player Comparison: Dante Exum
    Grade: 77 (2K Rating: 70)
  25. Isaiah Stewart, Center (Washington – Freshman)
    Age: 19 Height: 6’9 Wingspan: 7’4 Weight: 250
    Strength: Vintage big man with solid inside game who will contribute right away on the glass. With high-motor and aggressiveness, will be a solid shot blocker at the next level.
    Question Marks: Vintage isn’t always a good thing. Poor passing ability will lead to teams passing if they’re looking for a solid inside-out big. While Stewart has a soft touch, his shooting is inconsistent at best. Potential though is there to become a starting NBA center.
    Player Comparison: Derrick Favors
    Grade: 77 (2K Rating: 74)
  26. Robert Woodard II, Forward (Mississippi State – Sophomore)
    Age: 20 Height: 6’7 Wingspan: 7’1 Weight: 235
    Strength: Very well-rounded. Good at everything, but great at nothing. Always on the move and is high energy. Will strive if placed in the right system like with a contending team.
    Question Marks: Not a great athlete and lacks quickness to defend great athletes. Shooting numbers improved last season, but still needs to improve to become more consistent.
    Player Comparison: DeMarre Carroll
    Grade: 76 (2K Rating: 70)
  27. Leandro Bolmaro, Guard (Barcelona via Argentina)
    Age: 19 Height: 6’7 Wingspan: 6’8 Weight: 180
    Strength: Excellent passer and can find open teammates anywhere on the floor. Also has slick handles, good touch on layups and floaters, and has high energy on defense.
    Question Marks: It’s all about the jumpshot. Very poor shooter from the outside which changes the way he’ll be guarded in the NBA. Struggles against smaller, quicker defenders. Questions about how he’ll defend at the NBA level as well.
    Player Comparison: Evan Turner
    Grade: 75 (2K Rating: 72)
  28. Yam Madar, Guard (Hapoel Tel Aviv via Israel)
    Age: 19 Height: 6’3 Wingspan: 6’4 Weight: 180
    Strength: Very crafty ball handler and finisher around the basket who can create against the biggest defenders. Beautiful passer who make slick passes to open teammates. Very hard worker on both sides of the floor. Darkhorse steal late in the draft.
    Question Marks: Similar to Bolmaro, his jumpshot will hold him back. Bad form led to shooting only 27% last season. While he is tenacious on defense, his size will add limitations to his defensive ability in the NBA.
    Player Comparison: Patrick Beverley
    Grade: 73 (2K Rating: 69)
  29. Paul Reed, Forward (DePaul – Junior)
    Age: 20 Height: 6’9 Wingspan: 7’2 Weight: 220
    Strength: Very good athlete with solid frame which will lead to him being an multipositional defender in the NBA. Averaged a double-double at DePaul, could one day do it again in the NBA if he continues to develop.
    Question Marks: At times, is over-aggressive on defense and makes questionable decisions on both sides of the ball. Also is very inconsistent shooting the basketball from mid-range and long range.
    Player Comparison: Taj Gibson
    Grade: 73 (2K Rating: 70)
  30. Josh Green, Guard (Arizona – Freshman)
    Age: 19 Height: 6’6 Wingspan: 6’10 Weight: 210
    Strength: High potential 3-and-D style player who can shoot the ball well from the outside and play outstanding defense both on and off the ball.
    Question Marks: Not great with the ball in his hands and needs to improve finishing at the rim when his shot isn’t falling. Shot selection must improve to be consistent on offense.
    Player Comparison: Hamidou Diallo
    Grade: 72 (2K Rating: 71)
  31. Ty-Shon Alexander, Guard (Creighton – Junior)
    Grade: 72 (32K Rating: 70)
  32. Jahmi’us Ramsey, Guard (Texas Tech – Freshman)
    Grade: 72 (2K Rating: 70
  33. Isaiah Joe, Guard (Arkansas – Sophomore)
    Grade: 71 (2K Rating: 70)
  34. Devon Dotson, Guard (Kansas – Sophomore)
    Grade: 71 (2K Rating: 72)
  35. Vernon Carey Jr, Forward (Duke – Freshman)
    Grade: 71 (2K Rating: 69)
  36. Cassius Winston, Guard (Michigan State – Senior)
    Grade: 70 (2K Rating: 72)
  37. Daniel Oturu, Forward (Minnesota – Sophomore)
    Grade: 70 (2K Rating: 69)
  38. Jaden McDaniels, Forward (Washington – Freshman)
    Grade: 70 (2K Rating: 68)
  39. Malachi Flynn, Guard (San Diego State – Junior)
    Grade: 69 (2K Rating: 67)
  40. Theo Maledon, Guard (ASVEL via France)
    Grade: 69 (2K Rating: 68)
  41. Zeke Nnaji, Center (Arizona – Freshman)
    Grade: 69 (2K Rating: 68)
  42. Udoka Azubuike, Center (Kansas – Junior)
    Grade: 69 (2K Rating: 69)
  43. Tyler Bey, Guard (Colorado – Junior)
    Grade: 68 (2K Rating: 66)
  44. Reggie Perry, Forward (Mississippi State – Sophomore)
    Grade: 68 (2K Rating: 67)
  45. Tre Jones, Guard (Duke – Sophomore)
    Grade: 67 (2K Rating: 69)
  46. Payton Pritchard, Guard (Oregon – Senior)
    Grade: 67 (2K Rating: 67)
  47. Jordan Nwora, Forward (Louisville – Junior)
    Grade: 67 (2K Rating: 68)
  48. Grant Riller, Guard (Charleston – Senior)
    Grade: 66 (2K Rating: 65)
  49. Immanuel Quickley, Guard (Kentucky – Sophomore)
    Grade: 66 (2K Rating: 69)
  50. Killian Tillie, Forward (Gonzaga – Senior)
    Grade: 65 (2K Rating: 67)

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