Chevall Kanhai
Website Owner

Chevall is better known as, Chevy, was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. He grew up watching the Orlando Magic and playing the wonderful game of basketball. He also enjoys watching his Tampa Bay Buccaneers during football season. He’ll defend LeBron James as much as possible while leading his squad like an MVP.

Chevy studied Audio Engineering which is why he combined his love for sports and audio into one. Sports media and podcasts!

His passion for sports, inspiration from sports fans, and recommendation from his close friends drove Chevy to create Baseline Times.

Chevy enjoys traveling, DJ, and learning to be the GOAT of Dads to his only son. You can catch Chevy in the mix of all coverage on Baseline Times.

Rhoby Sala
Content Strategist & NBA Contributor

Rhoby, better known in the social media/podcasting world as rhobynhood, was born and raised in Miami Beach, FL (or as she likes to say, the County of Wade).

She grew up watching some of the great Miami Hurricanes teams in the Orange Bowl and had the opportunity to meet/interview many great Miami HEAT players during her time as a Business & Communications Intern during the 2013-2014 NBA season.

Today, she resides in Middletown, CT, closer to her favorite NFL team - the New England Patriots. When she’s not working in sports, she’s watching them and is known for hosting Connecticut’s premiere College Football watch parties (she’s got testimonies if you need them).

Outside of sports, you can find Rhoby traveling the world, dancing at concerts, or cooking up her world-famous arepas for friends and family.

Gabe Lloyd
NBA Contributor and Fantasy Specialist

Gabriel (or Gabe) Lloyd has been an active sports fan and gamer since the age of 10.

Playing every neighborhood sport from basketball, soccer, football, and even tennis. He developed a real passion for sports in middle school when he met Tim Hardaway who at the time was playing for the Miami Heat. He has since been a die-hard Heat and Dolphins fan while occasionally checking in on the Marlins when they are in a World Series.

Gabe also enjoys Mixed Martial Arts and plays daily fantasy sports in his free time. When he isn’t discussing sports you can normally find him dabbling in electronics or drawing. You can listen to Gabe talk about hoops, MMA, or Football on the podcasts.

John Glowatz
College Contributor

John (or Glow) Glowatz hails from New Jersey and has lived in NY, NH, and DE. He grew up playing football, basketball, and lacrosse and played the latter at Marist College.

John is one of the few people who care about college sports in the Northeast, as a Penn State fan since birth and a UConn fan through marriage. He also supports the NY Football Giants and follows the NBA for the memes.

In addition, John holds more than a passing interest in strength sports, extreme sports, and any sort of obstacle/athletic competition show such as Ninja Warrior and American Gladiators.

Jeremy Portnoy
NFL Contributor

Jeremy was born and raised in Plainview, New York. He fell in love with sports after watching David Tyree’s helmet catch in Super Bowl XLII and has been a die-hard New York Giants fan ever since.

When he got involved with his campus newspaper in college, Jeremy realized that his passions for writing and sports could be combined, and now dedicates most of his free time to sports journalism.

Some of his favorite athletes include Eli Manning, Derek Jeter, Jimmy Graham, and LaDainian Tomlinson.

When he’s not writing, Jeremy enjoys listening to rock music, collecting sports cards, and playing fantasy football.

Cody Guinn
College & MMA Contributor

Cody is an East Tennessee personality who is closing on ten years in local radio.

After college, while still doing radio part-time, Cody began working for a local MMA organization out of Knoxville as a ring announcer and commentator eventually becoming the promotions’ executive director and amateur matchmaker that produced multiple UFC fighters including Scott Holtzman, Eryk Anders, Nick Landwehr, and Brandan Allen.

Cody also decided to give the sport a go and has trained Muay Thai and BJJ since 2009 and both he and his wife fought throughout Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina.

Retiring in 2017, Cody pursued radio full time as a sports broadcaster and now hosts a morning show while commentating high school and college football and basketball while also coaching middle school athletics.

Colin "Mitch" Mitchell
NFL Contributor

Better know as Mitch, he is one of the Co-hosts on 1st & 10. Mitch enjoys covering the NFL with his Co-host Adam and debate weekly during the NFL season.

Mitch prefers to cheer on the Cleveland Browns!

Markus Murden
Heels of Wrestling Senior Editor

Markus was born in Texas, grew up in Orlando, and is a New York sports fan. In Jeter he trusts!

Taking a hard-nose look at sports, it’s not always the stats and metrics that make the game.

The only statistic that matters is in the win column. Just ask Eli Manning, the GOAT, after the Super Bowl in ’07 and ’11. Word is Bond. You can find Markus serving hot takes and praising New York sports on podcasts while hosting Heels of Wrestling Podcast under the wrestling content from Baseline Times

DeMario Jackson
Podcast Co-host

DeMario brings a West Coast flavor and personality to the Baseline Times Network. DeMario is a lifelong New York Yankees/New York Giants fan and he also protects LeBron James at ALL costs!

DeMario loves advanced stats, saber-metrics, he dislikes “what if” scenarios and he lives by two words, “facts only.”

Some of his all-time favorite athletes are Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Eli Manning, Deion Sanders, Allen Iverson, and John Stockton.

Outside of playing, watching, and discussing sports, you can catch DeMario at Coachella, Outside Lands, *insert local bar singing karaoke here* or at home playing the best of Sade, Led Zeppelin, Biggie Smalls, and Miles Davis.

Emily Kozina
Summer 2021 Social Media Intern

Emily is from a small town in Northwest Indiana, or as she likes to call it, the Chicagoland area. Her major at Purdue Northwest is Broadcasting with a minor in Journalism & Advertising.

She loves to watch hockey and baseball mostly but would love to branch out into other sports. Emily's favorite athlete to watch was and always will be Andrew Shaw of the Chicago Blackhawks.

She enjoyed the grit he played with every single night on the ice. The hobby Emily decided to take on was video editing, which is very close to her area of study. She loved editing her recent project about the Influence of Music on our Mental Health. With this internship, she is planning to figure out what she wants to be in her future, which isn’t that far away.

Skylar Williams
Summer 2021 Social Media Intern

Skylar is from I’m from Houston, TX! Her favorite athletes are Kobe Bryant, Yordan Alvarez, Justin Verlander, Lance McCullers, Gerrit Cole, (old) Tracy McGrady, (old) Luis Scola!

Her favorite sports to watch are basketball and baseball. When she's not watching sports some of her hobbies include working out, trying new restaurants, and being outdoors.

Skylar is a recent graduated from Texas State University and she was studying Electronic Media with a concentration in sports with a minor in exercise and sports science!

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