Shoot or Pass Podcast – 2021 NBA Play-in Tournament Preview

GRAB YO BEER, BASKETBALL THAT FINALLY MATTERS IS HERE! Chevy, Gabe, and Rhoby are joined by the host of Baseline Times’ newest podcast The Ten Cody Guinn to get you ready for the play-in tournament. They share their NBA moods (02:20), what a loss to the Warriors could do to a Lakers repeat title run (06:12), throwing games with the Nuggets & Clippers (12:07), whether or not it is time to call Ja Morant overrated (16:05), the most dangerous team in the play-in (19:17), and Cody goes on another rant- this time about the play-in set up (26:45) and apologizes to a certain standout rookie for his previous rant (44:35). The crew play another round of Dribble, Dunk, or Flop and name the players they think will have breakout performances in this week’s games (32:25)

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