Shoot or Pass Podcast – Respect Jokic, NBA’s Best Under 25, and the Playoff Push

With March Madness officially in the books, the spotlight is on the NBA and the crew is back together to talk about the playoff push! Chevy, Gabe, and Rhoby share their NBA Moods (02:33), talk about putting some RESPECK on the Joker’s name (16:00), Kendrick Perkins’ take on Jayson Tatum (21:38), the Suns and their playoff aspirations (27:05), a series of unfortunate events for the Hornets (33:45), a not-so great investment for the Lakers (39:17), and of course – the on-going saga of Mr. Twitter Fingers, Kevin Durant (42:58). In the latest round of Dribble, Dunk, or Flop, the crew analyzes some interesting articles by The Ringer and ESPN that caused a lot of debate in the NBA this week – Ballers as Rappers (50:10) and the NBA’s best 25 under 25 (59:50).

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