Top TV shows to watch while the sports world vacations

Summer time! Summer is filled with BBQ, beach days, and pool days. For a sports fan that doesn’t entertain baseball, it’s a rough time. No College Football or basketball, no NBA, and no NHL. Even if you’re enjoying America’s favorite pastime sport it tends to drag mid-season. So what to do doing these tough times you can’t go to the beach every day or eat BBQ every day? Too bad you can’t be on vacation every day unless of course, you win the lotto or a pro-athlete in the off-season. That evening time slot you used to dedicate to game day just opened up and your flat screen TV is collecting dust. Below I give you options for that time slot.

1. Ballers

Network: HBO

Premiere: July 23

If you want an inside look at how NFL players and agents handle business tune into Ballers. Ballers is on is now airing its third season. The star of the show is Dwayne Johnson (The Rock). A former football player turns financial manager. The show is featured in Miami and gives a perspective of how NFL players spend their time off the field from partying,  working out, and contract negotiations with teams. Ballers also illustrates the tough time of a former player trying to find his identity after football.  Ballers can be a show you can watch and chat about with the homies. A nice accolade of the how is that it is HBO’s most watched comedy in its first season.

2. Game Of Thrones

Network: HBO

Premiere: July 16

I love this show, don’t judge me but I watched all six season in three days #BingeWatchKing. I was a little skeptical about Game of Thrones at first but don’t knock it until you try it. If you like violence, family feud, greed and fantasy you will love Game of Thrones. The show has announced it will premiere it’s final season this summer. I highly suggest you watch the first six seasons prior. Game of Thrones is about a three different powerful families House of Westeros, Stark family, Casterly Rock. All three try to control the Iron Throne by killing each other and occasionally working with each other. Game of Thrones is very different but great show to watch.

3. Power

Network- Starz

Premiere: June 25

This is honestly my favorite show out right now. Power is based in New York. Power was created by Curtis “50 cent” Jackson. Power is about two childhood friends (Tommie, Ghost) growing up turning into drug dealers. Ghost struggles from being a drug dealer and wanting a clean life with his family, while Tommie just wants to be a rich drug dealer. With Ghost seeking to change his life Tommie feels betrayed and decides to befriend Ghost. Ghost is having a tough time trying to change his future due to his past mistakes. Power is filled with gun violence, funny moments, drugs and street beef. Power is your modern day wire.

4. Snowfall 

Network: FX

Premiere: July 5

Snowfall is making a series premiere. Snowfall is based on the cocaine epidemic that occurred in Los Angeles during the 80s. Snowfall created by John Singleton, follows a young African American drug dealer and a Mexican wrestler with crime family ties and a CIA agent. Snowfall illustrates the tough time in a city filled with drug violence and power struggle. One of the closest comparisons is a cross between Boyz n the Hood and Straight out of Compton.

5. Insecure

Network: HBO

Premiere: July 23

Insecure is really funny. Insecure follows star Issa Rea an educated African American in her woman late 20s trying to find her way in life, work, and relationships. Insecure in its second season will keep you laughing and also crying. Insecure is one of those shows that portray all the different struggles one can have no matter gender or races.