WNBA 25th Anniversary Nike Explorer and Rebel Edition Jerseys

The WNBA’s 25th Anniversary means a redesigned logo to honor the achievement and NEW jerseys from Nike. The jersey release was announced on April 8th, 2021 between Nike and the WNBA.

Now, while I am a fan of what Nike did with the NBA Jerseys I am beyond impressed with the designing of the WNBA Jerseys! Beyond the tangible products, the message is even a bigger reason to fall in love with these designs. The Nike “Rebel Edition” uniforms are intended to portray a strong message about underrepresented voices.

The WNBA Nike Rebel Edition uniforms applaud the unapologetic, irreverent, and underrepresented voices who define each team’s home cities and states. In a celebration of each community’s deeper stories, fans are invited to embrace their authentic identities and they’re given a platform to shine.


Nike Rebel Edition – WNBA 25th Anniversary Jerseys

GONE are the hideous advertisements front and center on the jerseys. The ladies will get their numbers back on the front of the jersey. The equality and respect of allowing their name and number to shine in the redesigned concepts here make this Nike debut even better. This is more in line with the NBA’s version of having a patch of the team’s sponsor on the shoulder area of the jersey instead.

Trust me DON’T Google it to see this change. Before these beauties, it was up to three sponsors and the team logo donned on the front of the jersey. It was UGLY and quite frankly disrespectful to the WNBA players.

Nike Explorer Edition – WNBA 25th Anniversary Jerseys

  • Athlete numbers are returning to the front of the game jersey.
  • Each WNBA game jersey is numbered 1/144, honoring the 144 elite athletes who earned their place in the world’s premier women’s basketball league.
  • The game shorts have more room in the thighs and the glutes, and the game jerseys add more room across the chest plus overall proportion adjustments. The game jerseys also feature an assortment of three necklines: a round-neck, a V-neck and the new Victory neckline exclusive to the WNBA.

Source: Nike.com press release

It appears that some of the teams will feature a sponsor at the very bottom of the jersey under the number still. The redesign helps it look more organized but the sponsor patch on the shoulder area is much better than pasting another advertisement on the front awkwardly.

While the 2021 Season schedule has not been announced you can still gear up ahead of time. Nike announced you can now purchase the new threads at Nike.com.

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